Saturday, 25 January 2014

A mammoth update...

Blimey, it's been a while since I was here last! Apologies for that, I'm not quite sure where the latter part of 2013 disappeared to, but we seem to now be almost at the end of January 2014 and I thought I'd better do a quick update as to what I've been up to!

So, to keep it as brief as possible, I'll stop with the chatter and show you some pictures!! 

I've been making more lampshades...

I even yarnbombed an old base (in other words, I crocheted a looooong piece with lots of different coloured yarns and wrapped it round a lamp base) and popped a handmade shade on top! It has pride of place by my rocking chair...

There was Christmas, of course...

And a variety of orders and commissions... 

I have made lots of dresses, this one being my current favourite after being featured on Folksy's home page!

I found an old footstool/box type thing in a local recycling shop for £4. I covered it and it is now a lovely storage unit for all my yarns! 

I have been doing a fantastic online photography course, run by the beautiful Lyndsey James Photography. 

And also, I seem to have found myself in a spread in the Daily Mail about a certain television series I am appearing in next week...

Don't forget to watch - BBC2, Tuesday 28th January to see me in action. I've been having palpitations and sleepless nights about it all week!!

And finally, I updated my website... Please go take a look and let me know what you think!

Not been that busy then...!!

Helen xxx


  1. Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to see your episode, what a fantastic show :-)

  2. Goodness, you have been busy! All looks fantastic. The sofa is booked for Tuesday evening!