Thursday, 6 February 2014

Country girl in the big city...

Today I am a little jaded. 
I spent 24 hours in our capital to catch up with the Great Interior Design Challenge gang and celebrate the final of the series with all the contestants, judges and production crew. It was brilliant!! 

Watching the final at Dan Hopwood's studios...

Me with the lovely Sophie Robinson and the cushion I made her!! It's been the hashtag of choice over on twitter for us all!

Me and the lovely Bev who's house I decorated! We had such a giggle as you can see, and it had nothing to do at all with the champagne that was drunk!

Myself, Johnny and Paula - I love these two x

With the winner Sarah

Beautiful Charmaine, me, lovely Lorna and fabulous Jordan

It was so utterly lovely to meet all the other contestants (who I feel like I already know from chatting to them on twitter every day) and to catch up with the lovely judges Dan & Sophie. It really did feel like I was part of a gorgeous little family. We all shared in a really unique experience that will stay with us. I am really grateful and very lucky indeed.

The contestants!

Being a complete and utter country girl I was also wowed by what London has to offer, or at least, what was on my doorstep! I looked like a total tourist with my jaw hanging down taking photos of posh shops!!

It's so good to step out of your comfort zone every now and again, and what with being on telly, and in the big city, I reckon I am done for a while! But because of it, I've had the best time and made some really good friends, who have made the whole thing completely worthwhile.