Sunday, 6 October 2013


For the last few years I have put off starting new projects within my work, as I have been worried they wouldn't 'fit' well with my cushions. I have been concerned that trying completely new things wouldn't look good from a business point of view, and my portfolio of work would look disjointed and confused. Just recently though, I've thought "bugger that" and I've started doing things I've been wanting to do for ages. Things that have been in the back of my mind that just haven't gone away, as much as I've tried to put them off.

Every single order I receive I appreciate hugely, please don't underestimate that. The fact that someone is parting with their hard earned cash for something I have made, especially as they order it online with no option of handling it, seeing it, feeling it, beforehand is incredible, and very humbling indeed. So yes, I appreciate it - my sales put food in my kids mouths, and that's, like, essential to me. 

But. But. But. 

But I do get a bit bored making the same thing over and over and over. However much I appreciate it, there is always the yearning to try something new, to create something different. So after worrying about it I've just gone and done it.

And it's felt good.

So as well as starting my Christmas range this week, and alongside the usual personalised cushions for children - special gifts to be given for birthdays, new babies and christenings (like I said, I really do not underestimate what a big deal this is, my creation is being given to a new kid and that's amazing!) I've also made dresses, jewellery and lampshades too! Now, if that's not being diverse, then I don't know what is.

Okay, so they aren't cushions, and yes, I was concerned that they aren't necessarily in keeping with the Kindred Rose range as it stood, but you know what - they do work and they do 'fit' and I can see them all together as a collection. So I'm glad I went for it. I have felt so excited this week to be doing new stuff, I have woken up in the morning and felt excited to be getting to work, which has been missing for quite a while. 

I've made dresses - in all sizes, which I am hoping to sell this week through my facebook page. I've loved choosing the fabrics, most of them vintage, and co-ordinating them with a collar (or not) and I have really really enjoyed building up this collection. I'm excited by it! I've also been expanding my crochet repetoire by making jewellery. I've made some for myself and got such a good reaction that I thought I would try to sell some of that too. Things are tight as they are with so many of us at the moment, and so to be able to sell this new work would be great. 

And then, speaking to a new friend who suggested lampshades, I thought - yes, why not?! I had an idea for something different and so had a go at that too. And I am so happy with how they have turned out!

So I guess what I am saying is, don't be scared of trying something different. It may be completely unrelated to anything you've done before, or out of your comfort zone, but that doesn't matter. Surely the most important thing to stay creative, is to stay creative? 

To stay fresh, and excited, and new. 


  1. Here here Helen - I totally agree the best way to keep your head sane is to go through with your creative ideas. I love the dresses by the way x

    1. Thanks so much Sarah! Hope you and yours are all well xxx

  2. I love your cushions. The lampshades are lush and totally fit in with them too! The dresses are gorgeous as are the collars - that you love what you are producing clearly shows and your style runs through the collection beautifully. Don't ever be afraid to step into the unknown occasionally - it's what makes being alive so wonderful! xx

    1. Thank you Anthea, I really appreciate that xxx