Tuesday, 16 July 2013


Recently I have been really really busy sticking to my mantra of doing things that make me happy!

Here is a brief summary of the last 10 days or so...

A weekend in Stratford with some of my most favouritest facebook friends. 24 hours of food, drink, laughter and feeling so comfortable with people I had barely met. It was wonderful.

Witnessing the fruits ripening on my fruit trees - planted last year in memory of Dad. We have apples, pears and cherries plus plums from the older tree and raspberries from the overgrown canes. They are loving the sunshine. Not quite bumper crops yet, but getting there...

Lunch at a gorgeous undiscovered Devonshire thatched pub with another facebook friend.

Water fights in Mum's pool. We've not used it since Dad died and it was so good to feel the energy and fun of years gone by. Barbeques were had with feeling him watching over us all. It was the hottest weekend of the year so far and it reminded me of being a kid and being able to have a dip before breakfast. I know I felt lucky at the time, but I'm not sure I realised how lucky I was. But then you never do, do you?!

A new batch of yarn, ready for my next project. 

I'm not quite sure what it will be, or when I will start, because I have been so busy doing this...

...a gazillion apple for the teacher magnets!

Fresh flowers from the garden and homemade cakes.

A new base for my gorgeous Folly & Glee lampshade.

Flinging the bedroom windows open wide and taking in the most glorious sunshine and views across Devon.

I do know that life is good, I guess I just need reminders of that every now and again...

It's much easier now the fug of illness has passed, and the sunshine filling my soul. If only I could bottle all this, I guess I would do just fine all year round!

I really hope you are all doing just fine too.

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