Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Breathing new life...

Last Friday morning I met up with two of my favourite girlfriends at a local cafe. 

It is a new establishment, just opened in my local town of Cullompton. For those of you not familiar with this area, Cullompton is an old market town, which in it's heyday I can imagine being full of life and energy but sadly, as with so many small towns, it has become tired and run down and dated. It is such a shame and to be honest, I very rarely go there any more. So, when my friend suggested we meet at the new cafe I was a wee bit disappointed...

However, we arrived and I was beyond surprised! This completely beautiful shop front, which I had never really noticed before, was once a bakers, and held inside the most wonderful little cafe.

Mismatched tables and chairs, wood & brick, quirky handwritten blackboards, beautiful old black and white pictures of Cullompton on the walls, a comfy area in the back with sofas and boxes of toys for the kids and a real comforting nostalgia feeling throughout.

I think the first 5 minutes I was standing inside looking gob smacked and am sure the lovely ladies behind the counter thought we were quite mad. Believe me when I say it is the most unlikely town to have such a gorgeous place.

But I am so so pleased. How long we have been saying that Cullompton could be such a popular market town again, if someone just started breathing life back into it. I spend so much of my time in Honiton, which, again, is an old market town but it always bustling, popular and addictive. This is exactly what Cullompton needs to become. And maybe this could be the start of it?

Anyway, we spent a very happy couple of hours supping tea, and guzzling sausage sarnies and beautiful cakes. And whilst doing so putting the world to rights. There is nothing better than spending time with those you love and having that opportunity to just relax.

It is fair to say that last week was a bit of a crap one for me and I was in dire need of time with friends. I could start telling you what was wrong but I think that needs a whole new blog post in itself!! Spending time with them sorted me right out, and helped me air some stuff I'd been thinking about all week, good and bad. I needed that time with them, and that comforting little cafe gave me exactly what I needed.

Not only do I feel that that lovely little place is breathing new life into our town, but last Friday morning it also breathed new life into me. 

I am going back there again tomorrow...

The cafe is called The Bakehouse and the website is currently under construction but you can find it here:


  1. Ohhhh, that looks lush Helen!!! Lovely photos too! x

  2. it looks gorgeous! I hope it does well x