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My last blog post was lovely to write as it made me realise how far I had come since making the decision to change direction last year. It just goes to show that what may seem daunting and scary can actually turn into something incredibly productive and exciting!

I have met SO many utterly wonderful and completely talented women through my new line of work, and I feel so passionate about helping and supporting them on their journey. I am in the process of organising an Artisan market, which I have done before, but this time I am having just my Creative Women there, as a kind of introduction to what we do and to showcase some of the brilliant talent that is here in the South West!

The village of Blackborough is where I am fortunate to live, and where the Artisan market is held - this will be the fourth one, which each before it being a great success. It is a small, friendly, picturesque village on top of a hill, with woods for a backdrop and views across Dartmoor and Exmoor. It's beautiful.

So, I would like to introduce you to the brilliant women who are selling at the market. And I would love you to come and show your support to them - despite their talent, it is many of their first time selling and I really have had to cajole some of them into it!! It is being held on the 16th May at Blackborough Village Hall, from 10am until 2pm. Entry into the market is free, and we will be selling cream teas too!

Sarah runs Sarah J Perry Designs, is one of the nicest people you could meet, and embroiders the most beautiful birds in 3D which are displayed free standing or framed. They are absolutely incredible, the work that goes into each piece is phenomenal! 

I am in awe of Lauren! She only launched Lauren Aston Designs towards the end of last year, and is already making a real impact. Her statement homewear knits are so utterly sumptuous you want to smother yourself in them!!

Devon Lomax (Websters)
Devon is just gorgeous, and has so much energy and passion! She has made the brave decision to relocate from the US to run her Mum's growing business in UK & Europe. Websters is a chalk paint powder which is so completely versatile that can be used with any paint. 

Rachael Rowe (Grace & Favour Home)
I have been such a fan of Rachael's work for so long, and feel so humbled that she has become part of my #creativewomen network. She produces gorgeous ranges of homewares and gifts using re-loved or recycled items.

Sheena is a wonderful ceramicist and mixed media artist. Her latest works are just magical. You feel as if you are stepping into another world with her beautiful miniature houses and utterly serene folk birds. 

Lainey is another mixed media artist who's work is beautiful storytelling. From ethereal mermaids to silvery fish and fairytale-like characters, her work is spellbinding and fascinating. I am always excited to see what she does next!

Nikki is like a ray of sunshine! She makes the most divine cupcakes, with so much precision and perfection in each one. Oh, and they happen to be delicious too. I don't expect she'll have any left by the end of the day...!

Maggie Emery (Crab Tulip)
The wonderful Maggie sells a range of eclectic vintage wares. From handbags and clothing to trinkets, vases and books - and everything else in-between, Maggie has everything you could possibly wish for!

Sharon Mitchell (Soap Daze)
I've been trying to bag the brilliant Sharon to sell at one of my Artisan markets for years as I just love her soaps! She has expanded to essential oils too, and after rebranding her work it is even more desirable than ever!! Chuffed to bits that she's available this time!

I have just recently met Chloe as she has taken a change in direction such as myself, and her work completely transfixes you. A combination of hand and machine embroidery, plus textile collage, Chloe embraces the natural world in her beautiful folk art.

Jo Heath (Beespoke candles)
Jo is embracing everything she is learning through #creativewomen with such vigour it is so inspiring! She produces a fantastic range of candles and aromatherapy oils. Purely using natural soy or locally sourced beeswax she has a wide range of aromas for you to choose from.

I had admired Emma's work in shops for years before realising who she was when I first met her! A gorgeous textile artist, she is expanding into bigger screen printed original works of art as well as her intricate embroidered cards. Stunning!

I am so looking forward to seeing Annie's incredible creations in the flesh at the market, oh and tasting them too! She produces chocolate pizzas for all occasions - how can you possibly resist?! Having only been trading for a short while her business is already a huge success!

Karen Sylvester (One Dotty Duck)
I met the very lovely Karen at my very first #creativewomen meeting and she's been coming ever since! She produces a fantastic range of unique jewellery with designs including steampunk, dominos and fairies on necklaces, cuff links and bracelets, plus so much more!

I absolutely can't wait to welcome my wonderful women to Blackborough and I really really hope you will be able to join us!

Helen xx

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