Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A whole new world...

Hello!! It’s been a while…

So, where to start?? I guess some of you may have been following my recent journey on facebook or twitter but I’d love to share with you here what’s been happening over the last few months. After all, things have taken quite a turn!

For a few years I have felt lost in direction - I’ve spoken very openly about that before but things came to a crunch last year. I realised I wasn’t doing what I wanted to be doing. I wasn’t passionate, motivated or excited any more about my work. Something had to change. After many agonising months I made the difficult decision to stop. I didn’t know at the time if that was going to be a permanent stop or just temporary, but I knew I needed some time off to figure things out. 

During that time off I spent time with my other creative friends. Chatting, drinking tea, enjoying the company of others, and I got excited about what they were doing. I had ideas of things they could do, I had advice for them which ended up being good, sound advice. I enjoyed supporting them. I started to think that it could be something I would like to pursue.

So in October 2014 I decided I would host an event. A networking event for creative women. I had no idea how to market it, or how to target it but I knew that I had to do it - just to see if it was something that was needed. I was in the process of organising an Artisan Market so it made sense to advertise the Creative Women get together at the same time. I was nervous. I was excited, but I was very nervous. 

Nineteen women came to the first meeting. Some were friends, some were associates but some were STRANGERS! People I had never met, came to my meeting and walked away inspired, excited and informed! It really was the most incredible feeling! Since that first get together I have hosted more meetings and expanded to some ‘Coffee catchups’ and more and more women have attended, averaging 35 women each time! The word is getting round that they are somewhere women want to be. 

These meetings aren’t the normal kind of networking meetings. I didn’t want that. I wanted relaxed and informal but interesting, relatable and relevant, but first and foremost I wanted them to be supportive. I’ve been there, right at the beginning of starting a creative business and there is A LOT to learn! A lot to be excited about, but so much to be scared and nervous about. I want to be able to help these women through the experiences I have been through. And it has ended up becoming a wonderful community of creative women, all at different stages of their journey, all supporting each other. Sharing ideas. Celebrating successes. Giving advice - on pricing, twitter, facebook and websites as well as so much more. We all learn from each other. It’s wonderful.

I really honestly do feel like I’ve found my way again, and have been inspired and energised by all these wonderful women around me. And the best thing, is that I am able to give these women confidence and knowledge.

If you would like to come along, I’d absolutely love to welcome you - as we all would! Please visit my website for more information.

And if you want to hear it from the horses mouths (instead of me trying to persuade you how great the get togethers are) here are a couple of testimonials from my lovely women…

“As a creative person, much of what I do is solitary and can be a little isolating. However a month ago I was introduced to the Creative Women Together group and right away I was made to feel comfortable and very welcome. It is energising meeting with like minded people who are happy to share their experiences and skills. Helen is a great motivator and with her expertise and positive energy she helps you believe that anything is possible. The main meetings are full of practical, helpful advice and the Coffee and Chat sessions are really important in helping you connect with other creative souls and helpful for swapping information. It is, in my experience a unique group and, whether you are just starting out, like I am, or more experienced, the value of such a support group, cannot be under estimated. Great job ladies, looking forward to the next session already!” - Juliet

“How grateful I am to Helen for starting Creative Women - it's a fantastic, inspiring network of wonderful talented and kind women, that I now feel I couldn't be without. It's a wonderful forum to discuss ideas and gain motivation, help and support, driven by the amazing Helen Bottrill, who takes time to make each and every one of us feel supported and motivated. I can't express how pleased I am to be part of it.” - Lauren

“I have had many ventures into the world of small business over the years and have always been defeated by working on my own and being unable to gain the knowledge necessary to take my work to a larger market. Helen Bottrill from Creative Women Together has changed all that. From the moment I walked into the first meeting on my own, I felt embraced into the most welcoming, supportive group of people I have ever met. Through the professional speakers Helen engages at each meeting I have learned how to take my product to the market. I have made so many friends, had so much support and the continuing regular support from Helen has made me feel anything is possible.” - Sarah

I look forward to hearing from you!! 



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